Liberation Sutra (Moksho Nama)

by Daniel Bellone

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Note: This track is part of the album "Kunjara" available in

Liberation Sutra:

Liberation of life
Liberation of the senses
Liberation from the self
Liberation from the mind
Liberation from knowledge
Liberation from conditioning
Liberation from society
Liberation from work

This is truth."

This is the journey that we are living as human beings right now on this planet Earth entering the dawn of the Golden Age. There's an extraordinary wave of Awakening and Transformation happening to millions of beings all over the world influenced by the Presence of the Spiritual Avatar Sri Kalki who revealed this sutra only few years ago. The power of this chant is incalculable and evokes an enormous amount of Grace, gradually raising our Consciousness into a state of Oneness.


Moksho nama jeevasya vimukthihi, yethasmaath

Indriyaanaam vimukthihi, yethasmaath

Ahankaaraat vimukthihi, yethasmaath

Manaso vimukthihi, yethasmaath

Gnatasya bandhaat vimukthihi, yethasmaath

Samskruter bandhaat vimukthihi, yethasmaath

Samajasya bandhaat vimukthihi, yethasmaath

Karmano bandhaat vimukthihi

Ithi satyam satyameva satyam

Ithi satyam satyameva satyam

Ithi satyam satyameva satyam


released July 2, 2013
Produced by Ben Leinbach.



all rights reserved


Daniel Bellone BA, Argentina

Awakening Through Music is the journey of dissolving into the Divine Presence in pure joy & celebration. The ecstatic feeling of Bhakti removes all sense of separation that is the root cause of all suffering, through a profound experience of Love and wholeness in the heart. The chanting vibrations go beyond any intellectual understanding and are universal in nature, reaching out unconditionally. ... more

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