Jay Bolo

by Daniel Bellone



Most of the well known Sanskrit mantras where reveled to the seers in a trascendental state of consciousness during the last Golden Age, several thousands of years ago. The same way we have different seasons throughout the year, we also have different seasons regarding the levels of connection with the center of the Universe where Consciousness emanates. At this very moment we are entering a new cycle in alignment with the Source creating as a result a new wave of spirituality and transformation that we call the Golden Age. In this context new mantras are been revealed for this new Era where we will reconnect completely with our true Divine nature in Oneness with everything.

"Jay Bolo Paramatma Bhagavati Bhagavan Ki Jay" is the most powerful way to receive a response from the sentient Universe and fulfill your prayers. This mantra unleashes and extraordinary energy that we've never experienced before, manifesting new realities almost instantly.


This song invites five different aspects of the Universe to manifest powerfully in our lives:

1. "Jay Bolo Ananda Roopa Paramatma Bhagavati Bhagavan Ki Jay"
"Ananda Roopa" invoques the quality of Unconditional Bliss.

2. "Jay Bolo Prema Swaroopa Paramatma Bhagavati Bhagavan Ki Jay"
"Prema Swaroopa" invoques the quality of Unconditional Love.

3. "Jay Bolo Aishwarya Roopa Paramatma Bhagavati Bhagavan Ki Jay"
"Aishwarya Roopa" invoques the quality of Wealth & Prosperity.

4. "Jay Bolo Mukthi Pradata Paramatma Bhagavati Bhagavan Ki Jay"
"Mukthi Pradata" invoques the quality of Awakening & Enlightenment.

5. "Jay Bolo Satchitananda Paramatma Bhagavati Bhagavan Ki Jay"
"Satchitananda" invoques the quality of Pure Consciousness.


released June 29, 2016
Lead Vocals, Instrumental Solos, Guitars, Bass, Ukelele, Arp, Synths, Drums & Electric Piano: "Daniel Bellone"
Backing Vocals: "Wu Twins"
Acoustic Piano: "Lisa Bauer"
Art Cover: "Pedro Gallinger" ~ "This painting is a fractal version of a 12 golden petal mandala, where Sri Kalki Bhagavan is emerging in three levels of supreme manifestation: Sat, Chit & Ananda. With His golden blessing raising us up to higher levels of happiness and glory." [fb: Vayu art]

Composed, Produced & Mastered by Daniel Bellone www.danielbellone.com


all rights reserved



Daniel Bellone Beverly Hills, California

Awakening Through Music is the journey of dissolving into the Divine Presence in pure joy & celebration. The ecstatic feeling of Bhakti removes all sense of separation that is the root cause of all suffering, through a profound experience of Love and wholeness in the heart. The chanting vibrations go beyond any intellectual understanding and are universal in nature, reaching out unconditionally. ... more

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