Moolamantra Extended Mix

by Daniel Bellone



This mantra connects you with your Higher Self, letting go of all the stress of the mind. Is a mantra to find inner peace, relax and become sensitive to what is happening inside. Giving you strength, clarity and insight, the Moolamantra is a powerful way to connect with all higher feelings such as unlimited joy, unconditional love, compassion and all blessings coming from the Light.


"Om Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma
Purushotama Paramatma
Sri Bhagavati Sameta
Sri Bhagavate Namaha"


released August 18, 2019


all rights reserved



Daniel Bellone Beverly Hills, California

Awakening Through Music is the journey of dissolving into the Divine Presence in pure joy & celebration. The ecstatic feeling of Bhakti removes all sense of separation that is the root cause of all suffering, through a profound experience of Love and wholeness in the heart. The chanting vibrations go beyond any intellectual understanding and are universal in nature, reaching out unconditionally. ... more

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