Moolamantra for Meditation

by Daniel Bellone



Most of the mantras have been revealed to the Seers during ancient times and have been chanted generation after generation for many thousands of years.
This new "Oneness Moolamantra" has been revealed during the month of March 2016 in the context of the Golden Orb phenomenon that is bringing about an extraordinary Awakening in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Moolamantra is a response to the needs that humanity has expressed during this particular moment in time, taking us to the next level of evolution and growth in consciousness.


Om Sri Sarveshvaraya Namaha
"Salutations to the All-That-Is"

Om Sri Param Jyothiye Namaha
"Salutations to the Supreme Light"

Om Sri Jyothi Roopaya Namaha
"Salutations to the Golden Orb"


released June 29, 2016
Produced by Daniel Bellone


all rights reserved



Daniel Bellone Beverly Hills, California

Awakening Through Music is the journey of dissolving into the Divine Presence in pure joy & celebration. The ecstatic feeling of Bhakti removes all sense of separation that is the root cause of all suffering, through a profound experience of Love and wholeness in the heart. The chanting vibrations go beyond any intellectual understanding and are universal in nature, reaching out unconditionally. ... more

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